A process for shops owners developed by shop experts

01 // Get jobs

Getting high quality jobs consistently is the lifeblood of every shop. From building and managing your entire marketing engine to supporting you with select channels – we help hungry shops of all shapes and sizes.

Website Development, Search Engine Optimization,
Digital Ads, and Social Media

02 // Track performance

From uncovering the financial health of your shop and measuring marketing return to developing a scalable roadmap – we give you the insights and guidance necessary to achieve your full potential.

Performance Benchmarking, Reporting + Metrics, and Monthly Support

03 // Boost efficiency

When Getting Jobs and Tracking Performance doesn’t go far enough – we support shops on a fundamental business level. Having built and scaled several tint, PPF, and wrap shops – we provide a holistic, objective, candid assessment of your shop with specific recommendations to take things to the next level (not for the faint of heart).

Shop Tune-up, New Business Audit, and Total Shop Reset

Overtaking the competition

Frequently asked questions

What is your pricing model or how do you charge for services?

We start with a discovery meeting to assess your current situation and to learn your business goals. From there we develop a scope of work with options and work with you to select what is best for your business.

What is your expertise and experience in marketing?

Our Director of Shops, Triet Nguyen, is partner and owner of Tint Pros and partner in Tinterz – two of the largest tint shops in the United States. His principles and business acumen are what we have developed our process and offerings around – he is also an active participant in each shop relationship we have (to varying degrees).

Does my shop really need digital marketing?

It's likely! As one of the primary drivers of new business for shops, developing a sustainable marketing engine ensures you drive new revenue even when you’re not around, not to mention the increase in valuation of your shop.

Do you offer ongoing marketing contracts or relationships?

Yes. Most shops work with us on a retainer basis, while some only need project work (new website, various consulting options, etc.).

What kind of marketing efforts do you specialize in?

All marketing services fall under the “Get Jobs” part of our process. Here we help shops with SEO Implementation, Digital Advertising, and Social Media Management.

What is “boost efficiency” and why would I need it?

"Boost Efficiency" is for those that need help repositioning their shop or solving a fundamental business issue. Most common examples are poor sales conversion rates, low profit margins, high staff churn, confusing pricing strategy, outdated branding, naming confusion, etc. Triet, our Director of Shops, leads this part of the process. 

How much involvement is required from me?

Typically the kick-off phase is the most intensive as we gather benchmarking data, collect log-ins, and set the plan in motion. After kick-off we are typically meeting once a month to review progress and make changes if needed.

How do you measure the results of your marketing efforts?

We start with performance benchmarking to understand where each shop is at and where it needs to go. From there, we rely heavily on our relationship with Urable (the top shop CRM system) to track each customer journey from lead to completed project. This allows for unparalleled transparency as we work right within the Urable system for reporting and measuring KPIs.